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About Me

Currently, I am a professor of geography at Norco College in southern California. I'm passionate about sharing the wonders of the natural world with my students, as well as helping them recognize and embrace their highest potential.  It is my belief, and the basis of my nonfiction work, that people have the power to radically transform their lives, and that the root of all transformation lies within the practice of two fundamental actions:

· The relinquishment of limiting beliefs

· The embracing of possibilities

In my works of fiction, my aim is to contemplate the universal struggles of the human condition articulated through interesting characters and situations.

In addition to my BA in Geography and MA in Social Sciences from Cal State San Bernardino, I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from National University. My fiction and non-fiction work has appeared in various journals and magazines, and has won prizes in both local and international writing competitions. The Evangelist is my debut novel. 

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