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The Astonishing Light of Your Own Being

Self-Publishing Review Book Awards Finalist 2020

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“Don’t you know it yet? It is your light that lights the worlds.”                                                ~Rumi
An inspiring and empowering guide to self-discovery, The Astonishing Light of Your Own Being is ultimately a practical guide in understanding how you see the world.  Do you like what you see?  If not, are you willing to see it differently?  
For those who are willing to view the circumstances of their life from a new vantage point, this author lays out techniques and methods we all can follow—methods that form a foundation for conscious living. Emphasis is placed on strategies of vigorous personal responsibility: carefully constructed thoughts followed by directed, focused action within the parameters of a mindset open to the infinite possibility of the creative mind. Old ways and habits, no longer of service, are exchanged for new habits that support bold and authentic ways of being. Within these pages is an invitation to view our circumstances free of preconceived, rote notions and instead, to develop a fresh, de-mystified understanding of what makes us tick and feeds our soul.
This melding of newfound self-knowledge and inspired action transforms our daily lives, offering new promise for tomorrow. As we deliberately, strategically become the person we would most like to be, we actively create the world we would most like to see. We achieve as we become. We literally live into our dreams.
Begin a life-changing journey to discover the astonishing light of your own being—vibrantly, brilliantly aglow!

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