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A transformative experience in a Pentecostal church when Stone Tyler is just ten years old sears within his soul the conviction that he is meant to devote his life to the ministry. Deeply sensitive, yet having to live with an eccentric, hard-edged father—who has a strange obsession with winged creatures and the power of healing—Stone is drawn irresistibly to the idea of becoming a “man of God.” His career choice is deeply rooted in his desire to transmit divine light to the world, and to ease the ache of his own tender heart. By the age of 37, he has established himself as a respected evangelist, preaching in small churches and living a quiet, understated existence with his wife, Marianne.

As he fulfills his calling with traditional propriety, Stone is increasingly unsettled by memories of his father’s rages and a growing awareness of his own suppressed talent. Further shaking his once clear resolve is his secret obsession with the 25-year-old daughter of a good friend, as well as his begrudging admiration of fellow evangelist Peter Rodriguez—a brilliantly charismatic man with his own secrets. The dynamic presence and growing popularity of Rev. Rodriguez ultimately provide inspiration and impetus for Stone as he seeks an invitation to preach at the upcoming and highly-touted Sacred Spaces Revival in Sedona. But even a man of God is, first and foremost, just a man. As Stone draws closer to God in his preparation for the big event, the cracks in his own façade are exposed; his quiet life irrevocably altered; his faith and his calling in question.

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